a one-stop healthcare resource for Indians

Delhi, April 7, 2014: World Health Day --  today-- sees the launch of an Indian web portal which promises to be a One stop destination for all preventive healthcare needs. demystifies healthcare by offering comprehensive information on preventive check-ups for all non-communicable diseases, and suggests recommendations based on Age, Gender, Risk areas & symptoms as opposed to a basic, one-size-fits-all approach from most of the providers in India.  Most of us get recommended a regular, brochure-driven Whole Body check up without any counselling, whereas the ideal process should include factors like age, gender, symptoms, lifestyle habits & more. The portal also offers step by step guidance for preparation of tests and comes with a 360° health information including price comparison between different hospitals, hassle free appointment booking across the country.

Says Deepak Sahni, Founder, “We carried out extensive research before entering the segment to identify the reason why Indians do not proactively undergo preventive health checks. The fear of detection, lack of reliable information and difficulty to access Health Care emerged as top reasons and as a result, was born.The website equips users with information compiled by our panel of doctors, lab technicians and bio-medical researchers to understand healthcare, decipher symptoms and comprehend lifestyle risks. Our online diagnostic tool recommends the right test based on your medical vulnerabilities, book appointments at top testing centres in your vicinity, help you prepare for the test and much more.”
Adds Shruti Gupta, Associate Product Manager:  “The Key problem that we’re trying to solve is that of sheer disregard for transparency in the medical eco-system... we’re trying to bring structure to haphazard health care services in India and non standardized pricing. Right to Information is the core of our brand, thereby enabling users to make informed decision about their health care needs. Our partnership with India’s premier hospitals and diagnostic centres ensure Quality services, credible reporting system and better transparency.”