Tandberg's Bangalore R&D lab creates innovative USB video conferencing tool

Offers HD 720p wide screen video

It's not very often that an MNC  proclaims that a product has emerged out of the sole efforts of an Indian R&D center. But  visual communications specialist,Tandberg seems to be making this welcome exception with its Precision HD USB Camera. Positioned as a business quality HD video communication device, it syncs up to PC video applications to enable high quality video conferencing.

Powered by a  2.7 megapixel CMOS sensor, with features like Auto Focus and Auto Light Adjustment, as well as  laptop, desktop and stand-along mounting options, the camera does not require a driver or software to install it. It powers up from your USB drive, and allows you to full screen HD video capability. It is  designed to work with Microsoft Office Communicator  2007 R2.  The entire design  and development has happened out of Tandberg's Bangalore R&D center, which started operations about 17 months back.

There are four distinct areas of R&D that has gone into the development of this product – Optics, mechanics, hardware and Software – The optics involved high quality lens, a sensor that works in conjunction with a movement capture mechanism – real time at 30 frames per second. The product, Tandberg feels, will open up new avenues for high quality video communications, and  it hopes to reach out to corporates of all sizes in the days to come.

Bangalore Aug 6