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Seagate packs a terabyte on just two disks

January 9, 2009; BANGALORE:


Indian users can soon install a hard disk in their PCs that packs in one terabyte (that is 1000 GB)on a tiny 3.5 inch 7200 RPM drive. It boasts the highest areal density ever achieved in a hard drive. Seagate has announced the Barracuda 7200.12 HD which divides the 1 TB between two platters of 500 Gigabytes (GB) each. Transferring at a zippy 160 MB/second for fast booting applications, the Serial ATA drive is capable of bursts of 3 GB/second, explains Rajesh Khurana Seagate's Indian and SAARC Country Manager. New video and movie download capabilities have whetted customer appetites for bigger and bigger storage -- and the new Barracuda, makes short shrift of this requirement in an increasingly small form factor. Seagate India has not announced prices -- but watch this space; we'll post the prices as soon as we get them. Tech footnote: Areal density is the mass per unit area of the disk. SATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment: the device that transfers data between the computer and its storage. Serial ATA is preferred today to the older and slower Parallel ATA.