Photo: Anand Parthasarathy / IndiaTechOnline
CSR's India-based engineers contribute ket technologies to streaming audio and Smart bluetooth solutions

Bangalore, February 6 2014: The Cambridge (UK)-headquartered designer and developer of silicon and software for the consumer electronics markets , CSR, has  moved  beyond its early strengths in bluetooth, to providing  a broad swathe of solutions centered around GPS and other location technologies, FM radio, and Near Field Communications - as well as Bluetooth Smart, the new micro power avatar of the wireess near field communication standard.
In a special briefing for IndiaTechOnline, on the sidelines of the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association's annual Vision Summit here last week, CSR's Chief Executive Officer Joep van Beurden explained that the company is looking to address the somewhat fragmented and unpredictable nature of developments in what is broadly called Internet of Things (IoT) by is creating one common architectural framework from which many services and products, across up and coming markets, can be easily created, developed, managed and provisioned. The company is able to do that thanks to its strong heritage in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, voice and music, location and imaging.
He made special mention of two areas of cutting edge development, where significant contributions are being made by the Bangalore-based, India end of CSR's R&D  labs:

- The VibeHub platform, launched earlier this year, which  lets  consumers  enjoy synchronised multi-room audio around the home using its SyncLock technology. This enables products to take content from any local or cloud-based source and create a multi-room audio experience over an existing home Wi-Fi network. The fully featured VibeHub platform now thrown open to developers, can be used to build wireless speakers, intelligent audio adaptors, networked audio amplifiers and a wide range of other consumer audio products.
- Bluetooth Smart (often known as Bluetooth low energy) enables low power devices and sensors to connect to the latest smartphones and tablets. Bluetooth Smart was introduced with the Bluetooth 4.0 specification, and enables a new low power radio. CSR micro Energy silicon provides a complete Bluetooth qualified solution to develop products that make use of the Bluetooth low energy standard . Bluetooth Smart ready devices such as the latest Apple iOS devices have an API (coreBluetooth) that enables developers to create applications to communicate with Bluetooth Smart accessories. Bluetooth Smart has been adopted in Windows 8 as the standard for low power HID (Human Interface Device) accessories.

In his keynote at the IESA Summit Van Buerden addressed the the challenges that India faces in growing a fabless semiconductor ecosystem in India. He suggested that fabless companies holding IP assets in the form of innovative chips which solve specific technology problems with patent-protected solutions, remained a strong value proposition.