Previewing the Philips Saeco GranBaristo Avanti coffee maker and (inset) the Philips Home Cooker NeXt at the IFA show, Germany 2013
From cookers to coffee makers, Philips' innovators in India, help connect them to your smart devices

Bangalore, February 3 2014: Indian engineers at the Digital Accelerator Lab of the Philips Innovation Centre here, have created software solutions that provide connectivity to a range of home appliances from cookers to coffee makers.
At the last IFA -- Europe's biggest consumer electronics show -- Philips previewed prototypes of the neXT version of its popular Home Cooker, which will now be WiFi enabled, with a dedicated app for one's smart phone or tablet. The app provides inspiration and guidance throughout the entire cooking process, showing pictures of all the ingredients with step-by-step instructions on how to cook and combine them for a homemade meal.
And if you or your guests are coffee connoisseurs, the Saeco GranBaristo Avanti coffee maker may be just the thing. This Net-connected device will allow you to create the perfect espresso, latte macchiato or any coffee drink with your smart device. What's more each of your guests can use the app to create the exact coffee to his or her taste and the machines will prepare them one after the other.
Benjamin Hallam, Head of Philips' IT Delivery Competence Groups, on a visit to Bangalore last week, explained that the software that will drive the two devices, expected to hit the market this year was fully realised at the Bangalore PIC.
The team here has also joined labs based in the Netherlands as well as researchers from Accenture Technology Labs to explore the potential use of Google Glass in clinical settings. The prototype enables clinicians to call up images and other clinical information including data from patients’ records from anywhere in the hospital using wearable technology. This would be particularly useful in the operating theatre, where surgeons need not look up from the job on hand to glance periodically at display screens showing the patient's vital parameters... the data would be available even as he she operated, in a corner of the Google Glass.
We have a video of the Saeco coffee maker in the Tech Video spot on our home page for a few days.
You can see the video of the Home Cooker NeXt concept  here