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Tata taps solar to create consumer power back up

January 11, 2014: Leading solar solutions provider ,Tata Power Solar, has launched a new 1 KVA solar power pack system -- a combination of solar PV panels, inverter and battery, will help consumers enjoy uninterrupted power supply for up to 8 hours. TATA Dynamo works like a regular inverter, but has solar as its primary source of power. The intelligent system charges itself while powering all the connected appliances through free solar energy and when sunlight is unavailable it automatically shifts to regular electricity. Depending on the weather conditions, the system can provide back-up of 4 to 8 hours to power appliances like LED/CFL lights, fans, televisions, etc. In an area of 3 – 4 hours of load shedding, a household/user tends to spend around Rs. 1500 per month on electricity generation from grid and additional cost of running diesel generator. By investing in TATA Dynamo, this expense can be recovered in less than 18 months with an added benefit of uninterrupted power supply without any cost.
The product will be available across the country through Tata Power Solar’s 1000+ dealer network.


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Tata taps solar to create consumer power back up
by Netto on   11,  2014
  "This is a serious qitesuon that a serious answer need to be given.The solar power calculator . I am sure you would have come across in your life time. How does that work? It is exposed to light, and the sensor has elements that work on that light energy.Solar battery, when exposed to light during day time, stores that light energy as electrical energy. At night, when you need it, you turn it on and presto .! the light comes on like magic. Mind you the light will not be available for ever and ever you have to charge it again the next morning. You have to do nothing. It just senses the light in the morning and it automatically does it. Hope this is clear."
Tata taps solar to create consumer power back up
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