Keep an eagle-eye on IT services: Compuware

BANGALORE—August 20, 2009-- If the things that go wrong in the IT infrastructure of an enterprise, affect internal operations, your own employees will tell you and you might –just -- be able to fix it. If the bug affects the way your customers see you on the Web, you may know only when they walk away – to a competitor.
The trick is to manage your IT services, by looking at them from the end user’s point of you – and then to identify, assess and resolve the problem at one go, says Compuware Corporation’s Linh Ho.The company’s Detroit ( Michigan, US)-based Senior Product Marketing Manager, who is also a well known industry expert on IT Services Management and the author of a standard text on Six Sigma, was speaking in Bangalore, Thursday, during Compuware’s launch of the latest avatar of their flagship management solution, Vantage 11.

"One has to drill down to locate the problem – it could be in the main frame, the database, the middleware, the Web – or the network", Ho added, "Vantage will leverage existing tools – not replace them. The ‘secret sauce’ is the middle piece in all this: the business rules and the processing".
“Compuware has created a unique solution for the Indian market, as it ensures that everything we measure and report on is in context of our end users and critical business services,” said Vivek Kumar Sharma, Country Head Sales, Compuware. “This signifies a big step in our commitment to the country and our expansion plans. We believe that through this solution, our customers will be able to reduce the adverse effects of the current economic condition. Indian enterprises will in fact be able to save up to 20% of their costs through our solutions.”
“Cutting costs while maintaining or improving the service IT delivers to the business is utmost in the minds of our customers,” said David Sajoto, Solution Sales Director, Compuware Asia Pacific & Japan.

The company has 200-plus customers in India – one of its fastest growing markets – with Vantage and Changepoint ( a portfolio management solution), being the most popular among its products here. Its customers are equally divided between managed service providers and end user enterprises, Sharma said.

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