From left: Smarton co-founders, Rakshit Kejriwal & Chaitanya Chitta -- and Chief Talent Officer Lakshmi Dasaka at the Delhi launch of India market operations on October 28
SmartOn launches new-age education solutions in India

New Delhi, October 28, 2013:  Indian talent-fuelled global education start-up SmartOn Learning, has  launch its operations for India.  

With offices in New York and Hyderabad, the Company specializes in providing new-age career courses, developed in collaboration with leading industry partners and universities. The programmes are  a combination of online & class-room learning and are based on  a  “plug-and-play cloud  platform”.

Says Chaitanya Chitta, co-founder of the company: “Higher Education is going through significant transformation due to the market forces and advent of new technologies. We see a huge opportunity in India to push edtech & programme innovation in new age careers by working with universities and  colleges.”

Adds cofounder, Rakshit Kejriwal“At SmartOn we have a great team of global professionals with world-class backgrounds & experiences. We are bringing some of the best education and technology companies across the world to collaborate with us, so that our students acquire a competitive edge.  We  are very excited to offer quality international education at Indian cost.”

SmartOn has successfully launched its first  Indian programme in collaboration with  leading Indian  art, design & fashion education provider Pearl Academy

Smarton’s global partners include Canvas, a leading learning management system, LearningMate, an  e-learning player; KPMG , the  content validation partner  and Shopify, the e-commerce platform partner for SmartOn’s digital commerce programme.