Nortel manages BIAL's telecom backbone

Remotely runs all voice and data networks  for airlines,  ticketing, logistics, baggage -- and free Internet
If Bengaluru International Airport Ltd  (BIAL) is able to provide uninterrupted 24x7 voice and data connectivity to passengers,   airlines, restaurants, cargo handlers and other groups which manage their own, round-the-clock operational applications, say a small thank you to Nortel.
The India end of the enterprise communications specialist, uses its  international Network Operations Center (NOC), also Bangalore-based  to remotely manage all of BIAL’s data and wireless networks. BIAL, in turn  leases the data and voice network to its various tenants, including airlines, All passenger-centric critical business applications such as baggage handling and tracking, ticketing, passenger handling and free WiFi Internet connectivity at BIAL run on Nortel’s communication infrastructure. “We run separate virtual local area networks (LANs) for them. Nortel manages these networks remotely and ensures they are secure at all times,” said S. Francis Rajan, Head-ICT, BIAL.  
Nortel’s voice solution provides a carrier grade voice over IP (VoIP) network across the entire airport, connecting approximately 1,000 VoIP points. Nortel’s data network connects approximately 5,000 endpoints.
“Over the past year, the airport has handled 8.7 million passengers and over 120,000 aircraft movements. By managing our critical networks, Nortel has relieved us of our network concerns and has made it possible for BIAL to focus its valuable resources on managing our core aviation business, rather than our voice and data networks,” said Marcel Hungerbuehler, CEO, BIAL.
Last week, BIAL extended its end-to-end Managed Services Contract with Nortel for  another three years. “With this contract, BIAL only has to work with one partner who can manage the entire infrastructure for them as per their service level agreement (SLA) requirements,” says Ashish Dhawan, country manager-enterprise, Nortel India.
Nortel established its first office in India in 1991, Since then it has rapidly evolved into a major telecommunications player in India, working out of offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.  Ironically the parent Canada based company filed for bankruptcy earlier thisd year but its India operation is going strong, with almost all legacy clients, staying on – and new ones like Chhattisgarh, with  a $ 100 million state wide network order, coming on board.
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