Parents, children and family of employees do the lamp lighting at Happiest Minds' 2nd anniversary event as founder Ashok Soota and CEO Vikram Gulati look on
At Happiest Minds, a happy 2nd birthday and a third facility

Bangalore, September 05, 2013: Happiest Minds, the Ashok Soota-founded IT solutions & services   company celebrated its second birthday   by  opening a third facility  in Bangalore, named -- what else -- Smiles 3.

The company's total people count is over 1100 across 20 locations globally. 'Smiles 3'  addss another 600.
Says Vikram Gulati, CEO, Happiest Minds:   "Our goal is to create an organization that offers technology solutions directly impacting our customers' success. For us, the two foremost areas of differentiation are our focus on disruptive technology and innovation."

Adds Executive Chairman, Ashok Soota: "True to our mission, 'Happiest People. Happiest Customers.', the company has taken steps to institutionalize the Happiness Framework. Some of the key elements include, building a strong organizational culture based on SMILES Values and Gratitude, a holistic wellness program addressing intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing, customer and employee happiness surveys, building communities of excellence etc. We believe that we are well on our path to achieving our 5 year Vision while living our Mission"

Happiest Minds was launched in August, 2011 by Ashok Soota and a team of industry experts, with the mission to create Happiest People and Happiest Customers. Focus  areas  include IT Services, Product Engineering Services, Infrastructure Management, Security, Testing and Consulting. Happiest Minds focus industries include Retail, CPG, Technology, Banking, Financial & Insurance Services, Travel, Hospitality & Transportation, Manufacturing and Media & Entertainment. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Happiest Minds has operations in the US, UK, Singapore and Australia.