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UBQ leadership: Dr Anjan Basu (l) and Dr Amitava Datta ( Photo: IndiaTechOnline)
Doctor-technologists craft UBIquitous, cloud-driven, medical info system

Bangalore, August 19, 2013: What do these well known  hospitals in India have in common? The 54-strong -hospital chain of Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospitals; Nova Medical Centers the country-wide chain (now 18 plus) of daycare surgical centers across India; the 12 Sankara Eye Hospitals; the 150-bed cardiac hospital Trichur Heart Hospital, and SBF Healthcare, a  growing chain with two clinics today, located in Bangalore and Mumbai offering non-invasive treatment clinic for Osteoarthritis.  They are part of a growing list of medical institutions that have implemented  a comprehensive IT solution for single as well as  networked clinics and hospitals, integrating all major workflows within a hospital, enabling the delivery of affordable  healthcare.


The solution is called Medics and it is the creation of UBQ, a   Bangalore based IT solutions provider, just 7 years old, led by two veterans of  healthcare technology. CEO  Dr Amitava Datta -- he is both an  MD and  and a PhD holder --  has been in the IT industry for over 20 years and was was Vice-President and Chief Architect at Siemens, Bangalore,  for their flagship Hospital Information System (HIS) product.  COO  Dr Anjan  Basu  ,  was also at Siemens, from 1994 where he headed a team of 100 software engineers developing a software platform called syngo, for medical image processing. Together  they  are now taking forward their vision  to demystify and  humanize technology, making it simple, scalable and affordable.


"Any day now, our solution will go live at  the 535-bed St. Martha's Hospital", says Dr Datta, "our clients range from   large organizations who operate their own hospital ERP based on Medics to  smaller units  those who opt for our hosted online model, where we  relieve them of all infrastructure  hassles  and  give them a cloud-based solution for a  monthly subscription".


Datta and Basu believe this is the future of   e-nabled healthcare delivery in India,  with  hospitals  concentrating on their core competence, and outsourcing their medical informatics to specialist players like UBQ.


In a parallel  stream of innovation the company also offers Outreach,  a software solution that integrates the entire sales process starting from order booking, billing, collections, and inventory management, with daily data consolidation across the enterprise and distribution network. Targeted towards  the burgeoning FMCG sector, Outreach is being beployed by Brittania, one of the largest players in this arena, to manage 3,000 distributors and to track  to sales and track inventory levels across the country.


UBQ's mantra is 'painless scaling'  but their true motivation is up their on their name board --  making information technology a ubiquitous  partner in every enterprise.

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Doctor-technologists craft UBIquitous, cloud-driven, medical info system
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Doctor-technologists craft UBIquitous, cloud-driven, medical info system
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