Geo Semiconductors' CEO Dr Paul Russo ( left) and India General manager Dr Pradip Thaker at the media event in Bangalore, June 26 2013, to announce their India plans ( Photo: IndiaTechOnline)
US-based video processor leader, Geo Semiconductor establishes development centre in Bangalore

Bangalore, June, 26, 2013: Global leader in programmable geometric processors for video and audio applications, the San Jose (CA), US-based GEO Semiconductor Inc., has established a core Indian operation for R&D and marketing.
On Wednesday, CEO Paul Russo was on hand, along with Pradip Thaker, General Manager of the India operation, to share the company’s vision for growth in this country.

“We believe that the Indian semiconductor and electronics ecosystem is poised for exponential growth. We have entered the arena at the perfect time to leverage the opportunities available to us”, said Dr Thaker.
GEO Semiconductor has established a 22-member state of the art facility in Bangalore on the technology corridor of the Outer Ring Road. The facility houses engineering staff in areas of chip design, hardware engineering and embedded software. Inclusive of a multimedia lab and audio testing lab along with cutting-edge software, hardware and chip design tools, the India facility is set to play a key role in R & D function for creating end-to-end solutions for international as well as domestic markets, excplained Dr Russo.
The company’s solutions in space of automotive and consumer applications include cameras in cars along with heads-up displays on windshields leveraging Geo’s DeWarp technology; Cloud camera products built around Geo’s video technology and Skype camera products to meet either conferencing needs for a small or medium size business or to meet needs for a personal time between friends and family. 
Customers include Philips, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Barco and Panasonic – and first cloud camera products with Geo technology under the hood can be expected to hit the market later this year. The Cloud, WiFi and IP-driven camera – which when produced in millions can be expected to cost the equivalent of less than 5 US dollars – is expected to be a mould breaker, offering lay users the ability to engage in 2-way audio and video communication with multiple locations in home and office. I can see 50 to 100 million units being deployed in a geaography like India over the next few years, Dr Russo said.

The heart of Geo’s innovation is their e-Warp engine which enables the output of a single fish-eye lens camera to be broken down into multiple straightened images looking in different directions. The company is banking on huge take offs from the car camera business which is poised to hit an inflection point. It has development centres in Canada, US, UK -- and now in India.

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