Birst is a Strong Performer in Client-Managed and Vendor-Managed BI Platforms

September  15 , 2019 – Infor, a global leader in business cloud software  has announced that the Birst cloud business analytics Enterprise BI Platforms (Client-Managed), Q3 2019” and the “The Forrester Wave: Enterprise BI Platforms (Vendor-Managed), Q3 2019.”

In the Forrester Wave for Vendor-Managed BI Platforms report, and the Forrester Wave for Client-Managed BI Platforms report, Birst received the highest score possible (5.00) in the evaluation criteria for “App building/Customization,” “Data Prep,” “Deployment options,” “Delivery Model,” and “Supporting Products and Services.”

According to the Forrester report (vendor-managed), “Birst … has capabilities to not only automate but also optimize data warehouse schema creation by instantiating multiple best practices in its data warehouse automation software (a differentiator called out by reference customers). Birst generates data warehouse schema that is an open model, and clients may use third-party BI tools to connect to it – giving Birst a solid position in the BI fabric space.”

Commenting on Infor’s acquisition of Birst in June 2017, the report noted: “It has been two years since Infor – a global ERP/CRM vendor with significant market presence – acquired Birst. So far, it has been good news for both Infor and non-Infor Birst clients: Birst is enjoying an influx of resources from a much bigger parent company, while Infor is running Birst as an independent business unit. Additionally, Infor ERP/CRM customers are benefitting from Birst’s BI functionality finding its way into all other Infor products.”

Says Bhargav Addala, Birst vice president of Product Management: “We believe our ranking as a strong performer in this Forrester Wave of vendor-managed platforms reflects our success in providing enterprise customers with a platform that combines the best of centralized and decentralized analytics, delivering both freedom and control. Business users get the benefits of a common and trusted set of enterprise data sets, KPIs and standards – and we make access to those capabilities as flexible as possible, so they can answer ad hoc needs and be more agile.”

Birst is a cloud BI and analytics platform that helps organizations understand and optimize complex business processes in less time than traditional solutions.

 The complete Forrester Wave for Vendor-Managed BI Platforms report is available here.