Live streaming platforms gain importance in showcasing national events

By Shiv Rajvanshi

The launch of Chandrayaan 2 is a monumental achievement for India, proving once again the prowess of our scientific community. The launch saw millions of Indians glued to their mobile phones and computer screens to view the live-streaming of the launch event on social media platforms. Many media houses like DD and ANI live-streamed the event on prominent video streaming platforms such as YouTube and Likee respectively.

Establishing a wider reach of major events through social media platforms has gained momentum with increased propagation of smart devices combined with the low cost of mobile data. In fact, all major news channels and agencies are now actively using social media platforms to magnify their reach and create a direct connection with their audience.

There is no doubt that several formats in social media has evolved including short video platforms and avenues for content sharing has increased allowing news creators to bring in desired impact for their content. Some of the reasons why they hold crucial in terms of national events include:

·         Reaches Wider Audience: Short video and Live streaming platforms help the content or news reach out to wider set of people. India still has certain rural segments where television or media is out of reach. However, social media platforms have made it easier for them by streaming topics of national interests. 

·         Ease and Convenience: It has improved accessibility of content as you are no longer required to sit in front of your television to be aware of what is happening. Thanks to such platforms, you can now catch up on latest news without being at a particular place. All you need is a smartphone and internet connection to be at the consuming end.

·         High Quality Streaming: As we trace the renaissance of technological age, we are also at the receiving end of high-quality streaming. Unlike the age of cable signals on our televisions, short videos and content through prominent social platforms i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Likee gives us a new and refreshing high quality experience.

·         Affordability: Today, a video streaming experience either live or in the format of short videos are certainly the cheapest option to consume a piece of news. You are no longer required to spend high amounts on a good quality of television and the monthly cable connection. Your smart phone and its internet connection are enough to give you the best viewing experience to stay tuned to latest news and updates.

·         Mobile viewing: This resonates to the point of ease of consuming news. Since most of the people today prefer consuming latest updates via their smartphones because of the instable work schedules, social media platforms are paving way for them for the constant connection with the latest happenings.

Not only from consumers point of view, social media platforms are also becoming a helping hand to the government. It helps them reach out to a wider audience in an affordable budget and convey their message to the maximum masses. While it allows them to achieve instant feedback and reaction on their tasks, short video and live streaming on social media also helps in tracking the analytics in order to evaluate the outcome of their event. In a nutshell, a new age social platform holds immense potential, only if they are leveraged right.