Aegis People Analytics conference coming to Navi Mumbai

17th April 2019
Aegis  People Analytics conference  coming to Navi Mumbai
Clockwise from top left, keynote speakers : DR. ABHIJIT GANGOPADHYAY, Dean, Aegis, COURTNEY MCMAHON, Head Global People Analytics, AIG, NASIR SHAIKH, VP & Head HR, Atos India, RAJESWARI ARADHYULA CPO, Fractal Analytics, ALAN SUMANO, People Analytics Director, SE

Mumbai, April 17 2019: Aegis School of Data Science  is to hold the  Aegis People Analytics Conference (APAC) 2019 scheduled on  April  26  in Vashi , Navi Mumbai.The conferenced will  attempt to create a new era of learning and understand that in turn will pave way to a deeper understanding and better development to advance people analytics practice in the HR industry.
Tech demos will showcase innovations and advancements, that different companies have made for the betterment of  organizations and how these innovations can help change the design of companies  in a positive way.
 A recent LinkedIn research report states 77 percent increase in specialized analytics professionals in Human Resource in India. With APAC 2019, HR leaders can now turn to analytics to answer critical questions about workforce planning, skills gap, employee retention, and more, in order to enhance the sector.
Says  Bhupesh Daheria, CEO, Aegis School of Data Science: “It is a great opportunity for the HR fraternity, who are interested in how data and analytics will influence and progress the workforce. I believe that this is the right platform to engage with HR business professionals and help them understand and learn under the guidance of industry experts. In coming years we know that AI and people analytics will disrupt the industry and have a lot of potential to change the way a workforce functions in terms of its planning, skills gap, employee retention, and more.. At the end of the conference, we hope that everyone will have something to take back with themselves which will help them in their respective organization.”