Zebra unveils new range of mobile touch computers

New Delhi, October  7 2018  Zebra Technologies Corporation has launched   a range of enterprise-class handheld mobile touch computers designed to help companies empower their front-line workers to deliver a superior level of customer service and satisfaction.

Zebra’s newest Android-based TC52/TC57 and TC72/TC77 rugged mobile computers blend award-winning industrial design features with an enhanced Mobility DNA (M-DNA) suite of productivity, administration, end-user applications and developer tools.

“As support for the Windows® Mobile/CE OS inches closer to ending, businesses must choose an alternative platform and mobile computing solution that will maximize workforce productivity and return on investment,” said David Krebs of VDC Research. “Zebra’s new TC5x and TC7x touch computers supported by M-DNA, build on their existing industry-leading mobile computing solutions, providing customers and partners with reliable, durable and modern mobile solutions to support their front-line workforce.”

The new TC5x and TC7x touch computers offer four new enhancements to the M-DNA suite designed to drive improved workforce productivity, security and connectivity. These enhancements include:

  • PowerPrecision Console provides IT administrators with push notifications and an easy-to-read dashboard indicating color-coded battery health and status across a fleet of devices to easily spot and remove aging batteries.

  • WorryFree Wi-Fi enhanced Wi-Fi radio technology supports workforce productivity with superior network connectivity and fast roaming. Wi-Fi issues are easily and quickly resolved through the Wi-Fi analyzer client app which offers analysis and troubleshooting in real-time.

  • GMS Restricted Mode is an industry first enhancement for Zebra’s StageNow app offering IT administrators the ability to customize device access to Google® Mobile Services (GMS) to improve work efficiency, privacy and security.

  • LifeGuard for Android, Zebra’s extended security solution for customers with a Zebra OneCare® contract, delivers aggressive security/patch updates well beyond consumer support and now offers a dashboard for extra visibility and control over when and how devices are updated.

The new touch computers also offer technological advancements that maximize productivity, such as an ultra-powerful processor for faster application execution, innovative locationing support using Visible Light Communications (VLC) and the latest WiFi/Bluetooth® enhancements to deliver faster speeds and better range without draining battery power. These features help ensure that in-store staff, direct store delivery (DSD) drivers, field service workers and first responders stay connected to their teams and networks to make best-action decisions in real time.