Be your own DJ!

Have a blast -- without a central music player or speaker

Bangalore, Februry 12 2018: AmpMe  is a popular app that allows you  to connect mobile devices with multiple  friends  and start a party without  a DJ to run the show.  Now the app has come up with a new feature called ‘Offline Mode’ allows users to party without an internet connection and  without consuming their data allowance.  It works  by creating a personal hotspot on the host phone which launches an exclusive Wi-Fi network for AmpMe users nearby to join in.

The app allows users to access their in-phone music library and use content saved or downloaded on their phone -- or from YouTube. The music then  plays on all connected devices.  If you’re a guest, just search for the host’s hotspot, tap connect and you’re  ready to join the party. No need of a central connected or Bluetooth speaker! Available for  iOS  or Android  devices.