Ethical snooping!

People, pets or things,  Letstrack devices harness GPS to buy you peace of mind

Bangalore, October 9 2017: Over-seventy senior citizens who misplace their spectacles or phone; pet owners  whose dog strays away from home; parents who agonize over the safety of their children or car owners  whose vehicle has been stolen..... would all benefit from the simple science of keeping track.  London-based  Letstrack  provides answers to our most fervent  prayers with a suite of  handy tracking devices for all these scenarios. You can  attach the Letstrack personal device to a pet's collar a child's belt; the Letstrack  bike series to a two-wheeler or the Plug&Play to the On Board Data or OBD port that can be found under your car's dashboard. All the models used GPS to keep track and an app on your phone to keep you posted.

Prices range from Rs 4499 to Rs 7499  and include a year's free tracking service. After that  you need to subscribe -- typically for about Rs 100 per  month.  Not too much for buying peace of mind!