Keyless car entry is here

Technology that has been available in pricier personal  vehicles, may soon trickle down to every car -- and your mobile phone will be the key tool.

Bangalore, August 29 2017: Indian car  owners  are getting used to keyless car entry. Select vehicles -- mostly  high end sedans and SUVs   have been offering smart key options which allow you to open the car and even start the ignition,  with the press of a button, as long you have the keys with you.  

New technology  to be showcased  for the first time, next month,  at the  Frankfurt International Auto Show,  may democratize the  keyless  feature and allow makers of all  brands and sizes of car to offer it to customers. And like so many  smart devices these days, it makes use of a smart phone as the key tool.

|Vehicle technology leader Robert Bosch will be unveiling a new digital technology called Perfectly  Keyless that turns  the driver's smart phone into a hands-free key to open and close  the vehicle.

 A sensor is  fitted to the car that can wirelessly connect to an individual phone for identification. The user doesn't need to take the phone out of his or her pocket. Once this identification  is  made, the vehicle is unlocked without any need for a physical key. Similarly, no key is needed to start the engine or to lock the car again at the end of a journey

When the driver gets out, the vehicle independently starts to search for the key: if the smartphone leaves the locking zone, it automatically locks itself; the driver is notified by a confirmation message on their smartphone; when the driver returns to the locking zone, the car is unlocked automatically. 

This is useful if a car is used by more than one person. Each user receives  a  personal "key", which is sent by cloud. This facilitates  personalization of vehicle settings for each user - like seat height or mirror angle.

There are other advantages to  keeping  car opening functions in the cloud: Using the app, the registered driver,   can authorize a service engineer to drive away the car for its routine maintenance, without handing over a physical key.    And car hire firms can remotely authorize the mobile phone of a customer -- for the duration of the hire.

Mobile phone-fueled  virtual car key systems  seem  poised to becoming the next big thing in smart cars -- and come September, the solution will be available for all manufacturers to install at a very small extra cost.