New tool for customer journey analytics from [24]7

San Jose, California (USA), August 3, 201: Global customer engagements specialists - [24]7 -  has added  [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics to its products and services portfolio. The latest product offering analyzes and visualizes customer journeys that occur over time, extend across channels and devices, and span different IT systems, providing rich insight into the root causes of problems along a customer journey.

Customer experience problems are often difficult to diagnose and fix because they fall between the cracks of organizational silos. Companies lack methods to determine the root causes of broken customer journeys, and solving those problems is even more challenging without the technical expertise needed to improve systems and processes. By combining [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics with the [24]7 Customer Engagement Cloud, companies can analyze customer experiences, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement solutions across channels that accelerate digital transformation. [24]7 is the only company that can not only diagnose, but also fix these problems, and help companies achieve measurable results.

[24]7 Customer Journey Analytics includes the following capabilities:

•       Query Speed – High-velocity data fabric built for journey analytics delivers “speed-to-insight” in minutes, 100x faster than traditional solutions

•       Analyst Enablement & Productivity - Visual query builder allows analysts to rapidly explore data, identify common patterns and perform root cause analysis without the need for complex query languages

•       Business User Impact - Innovative visualizations designed for customer journey analytics enhance the communication of key business insights

“This technology enables analysts to query millions of customer journeys in minutes,” said Gil Winters, vice president, Customer Journey Analytics for [24]7. “This enables us to generate valuable insights in a fraction of the time of existing analytic techniques, meaning opportunities can be acted upon quickly. ”

[24]7 acquired the technology, known as Customer Compass, from KPMG Capital  and has re-branded it as Customer Journey Analytics