For Friendship Day, Taskbob thanks its service persons with a video

07th August 2016
For Friendship Day, Taskbob thanks its service persons with a video

Mumbai, 27th July, 2015: This Friendship Day, Taskbob, Mumbai’s leading app-based on-demand instant home service provider has found a unique way of thanking their servicemen and acknowledging their contribution in our daily lives. T
askbob released a video #NayeDost that showcases the daily lives and difficulties of servicemen who help us whenever we need and expresses gratitude to these people, who come into our lives as strangers but leave as friends.
The video was released through social media and instantly hit the emotional quotient of the Mumbaikars People on social media appreciated the thought behind the gesture of Taskbob in expressing their gratitude for their servicemen. The video saw a large number of people joining the Taskbob #NayeDost campaign on social media and thanking the servicemen for the help and support in our daily lives. The video also kicked off a number of interesting conversations on Twitter and Facebook on lives of these servicemen. The response received for the video was a testimony to the success of the message Taskbob wished to convey through the campaign.
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Says  Aseem Khare, CEO and Founder, Taskbob said, "Our vision has always been to create happy households for our consumers with hassle free services which would not have been possible without our skilled servicemen. We often don't realize how difficult our routine tasks could become without the timely services of these men and women. At Taskbob, we are proud of the team of servicemen we have on board and the #NayeDost campaign is our way of thanking them and extending an arm of friendship for being there for us when we need them the most."
Taskbob has been providing holistic home services in Mumbai through its cutting edge mobile application and a team of certified servicemen that includes a team of electricians, plumbers, drivers and cleansing personnel. Taskbob also provides training and grooming sessions to their handymen to help them improve their skills and efficiency.