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Banking meets IT in Toronto this week

July 17 2016: The 3RD BANK-IT EXPO gets underway in Toronto Canada later this week ( July 19).  

In  a  volatile  financial  atmosphere  as  the  present,  the  Bank  &  Finance  IT  industry  could  play  a  crucial  rule  that  could mean  the  difference  between  success  and  failure  for  financial  institutions.  Can  it  act  as  a  vanguard?  Or  will  it  just be  a  means  to  an  end.  Can   it   rise   to   the   recent   challenges   in   the   Banking   &   Finance   industry   ? 

 Sessions   are  designed   to   stimulate   discussions   and   business   relationships.   An   elite   platform   to   get   solutions   using   strategy   to  align   business   &   IT   in   your   financial   organization.   Bank   &   Finance   IT   will   focus   on   Information   Technologies  Innovations in the Investment Banking, Retail Banking & Corporate banking sectors in CANADA.  A place where IT trends in the banking sector would be in display and the right place to get the IT fix for your Bank  and financial institution.

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