Aqua launches aggressively priced 3G smart phone

New Delhi, January 31, 2016: Aqua Mobiles has  introduced ‘Aqua 3G 512’, a dual The phone boasts of hardware such as its 1.2 GHz Mediatek Dual Core Processor, 512 MB RAM, 4GB ROM and a 3.2 MP Rear Camera. It is available in ‘Ebony Black’ & ‘Pearl White’ at just Rs. 2,699.

Says  Govind Bansal, Co-founder of Aqua Mobiles: "Aqua 3G 512 is a durable smartphone which meets the expectations of Indian consumers on all parameters, be it quality, aesthetics, durability or price. We hope that 3G 512 will get a great response in the Indian market."

A few years back, three genius techies -  Arvind K. Adukia,  Govind Bansal and  Abhishek Adukia met in New Delhi, they exchanged their views, discussed their interests and unanimously decided to create a brand which may understand the specific needs and preferences of the Indian customers in developing customised cell phones. Aqua  was born in 2009