Popular text on microcontrollers

Undergraduate students as well as practicing software engineers who need to work with microcontrollers as embedded systems, will benefit from having the latest -- fifth -- impression of Professor Raj Kamal’s comprehensive book* beside them.

Starting from the classic Intel 8051 microcontroller architecture, the author explains the dominant architectures; explains how instruction sets, interrupts, timers, peripheral devices and interfaces need to be handled.

For those who need to work with the Motorola MCU 68HC11 , the author devotes a chapter to this device. He does not neglect the ubiquitous ARM and its MCUs from makers like Philips, STE and Samsung.

Professionals who need to work in the real world of mobile phones, PDAs and other hand held devices, will find keypad and display systems detailed in a separate chapter.

Prof Raj Kamal is currently Senior Professor in the School of Computer Science and Electronics, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore, and brings over 3 decades of experience in embedded systems to bear on his book… which is just one in many he has authored.

*Microcontrollers: Architecture, Programming, Interfacing and System Design By Raj Kamal is published in India by Pearson Education and costs Rs 365 (https://peicamp.in/RajKamal/book-details.asp?bookid=1822   )

Here is a brief rundown of the contents:

1. Types, Selection, and Applications of Microcontrollers.

2. Overview of Architecture and Microcontroller Resources.

3. Intel 8051/8031 Family Architecture.

4. 8051 Family Microcontrollers Instruction Set.

5. Real Time Control : Interrupts.

6. Real Time Control: Timers

7. System Design: Perpherals and Interfacing.

9. Systems Design: Digital and analog Interfacubg Methods.

10. Programming Framework: Assembly and C Programming. 

Sep 22 2009