BT launches personalized video creation service

14th January 2015
BT launches  personalized video creation service

January 14 2015: BT  has unveiled a personalised video  message  service  as part of its Cloud Contact portfolio of services, harnessing  technology from  personalized video solutions provider, Idomoo.
This will enable businesses to send short, individually tailored, high-quality videos to millions of customers service, allows businesses to create a video message template and then easily integrate data relevant to an individual customer to generate a unique and personalised message. Personalised voice narration and individualised data ensures that each customer knows the video is uniquely his or hers
Businesses can use the service at every stage of customer engagement, from initial marketing, through on-boarding, to statements and other regular customer communications. Most languages are available for both text and voice – and these can be selected by the customer as they watch the video. The service can also be used to provide information to customers who have difficulties with traditional printed documentation, for example people with visual impairment. The service is delivered from the cloud, meaning there is no initial capital investment. It can be fully integrated with an organisation’s web presence, enabling near real-time creation of personalised videos, delivered direct to a customer’s device, which can be a computer, tablet, smartphone or smart TV.
Aphrodite Brinsmead, analyst with Ovum, says: “Using Idomoo’s personalised video solutions is a novel way to attract customers’ attention. Today’s customers are bombarded with information and advertising across the Web and mobile devices, and Idomoo’s videos offer a new way to portray data in a visually stimulating format. The solution will enable enterprises to automate parts of live customer service conversations, reach a large audience, and intrigue customers. As the video can be watched at a convenient time for the customer it has the advantage of being less intrusive than an outbound call.”
View an explanatory video here