Zebronics offers a UPS which caters to micro loads

New Delhi, December 11, 2014: Zebronix has launched a UPS in India -- the first which  works even for very small loads.  The UPS has been designed and tested at Zebronics’ in-house R&D facility.

While the Zeb-MLS750 system provides secure and reliable protection against incoming power faults as would any UPS, its unique feature is the Micro Load Sense ( MLS) technology. A normal UPS will automatically shut down if the load is below a certain rated threshold level, or will provide significantly reduced backup time.  The MLS system helps the UPS run optimally and provide full backup for small loads. 

Says Rajesh Doshi, co-founder and Director of Zebronics: “This is one of the first technological breakthroughs to have emerged from our team since we set up a dedicated in-house R&D earlier this year.  The unique MLS system will typically be useful for running low-power equipment like surveillance cameras and CCTV, medical equipment, broadcast studio equipment etc., that are critically required to be up round the clock. Our main focus is security systems, as small office or home security systems with fewer cameras and digital recorders need not invest in bigger inverters and UPS.”

The ZEB-MLS750 UPS has an in-built microprocessor-controlled intelligent system that works over an extended voltage range of 140-300 volts and guarantees high-reliability. The 3-tier battery management feature prolongs battery life by more than 30%. Designed to be rogue-equipment connection proof, it can be connected to and adapts to generators or inverters supplying poor power-factor as well as obsolete square-wave output, converting to simulated sine-wave with a typical transfer time of just 4-8ms in the event of supply disruption. The UPS includes cold starting and automatic restart and offers audible as well as LED warning signals. It is completely protected against overload, discharge and overcharge, and its batteries can be charged in off-mode too.

Rated at a capacity of 600 VA, the UPS provided backup of more than three hours for micro power consumption devices in lab tests.

The Zeb-MLS750 UPS system from Zebronics is priced at Rs. 1699,  (including one-year warranty). It is available from any of Zebronics partners in major markets, or from the Company’s e-commerce site – www.moneyvasool.com