Kallol Borah, CEO Lukup Media launches the Lukup TV player, while Harsha Mutt, CFO looks on, at Bangalore on October 15 2014. (Photo: Vishnu Anand/IndiaTechOnline)
India's first on-demand TV service -- but only in Bangalore for now

Bangalore, October16 2014: A Bangalore based on-demand TV service provider -- Lukup Media -- has launched the Lukup TV service, aimed to deliver a large number of TV channels in addition to those available through DTH operators.

Using the Lukup player, you will be able to access a suite of on-demand TV content -- 10,000 pieces of content across Hollywood, Bollywood, lifestyle, sports and more -- through a wireless dock device that is connected to your set top box.

The Lukup service also comes with free 500GB of cloud space where users can store their recorded content from the set top box. Multiple devices can be connected via the wifi dock and in addition to the DTH content on your primary TV, you can simultaneously view on-demand content across multiple devices, including your smartphone. Lukup Media has an Android app that can be used to stream content from your cloud on to your mobile device, while on the move.

Speaking to IndiaTechOnline, Harsha Mutt, CFO, Lookup Media said, "We are today at a critical turning point for the TV entertainment industry. On one hand, there is so much more content out there beyond what traditional DTH operators are providing. Also, the new-age consumer wants to view his content at a time and using a device of his choice. We at Lookup are attempting to help him by allowing recording and streaming of contant, as well as new 'never seen before' content."

The Lukup player is entirely made in India. "From the design, to development to manufacturing to servicing -- the Lukup Player has been made in India, between a collaborative team of 100 people. In the months to come, the team is also working on Lukup becoming a complete DTH operator, providing regular as well as on-demand content", said Kallol Borah, CEO, Lukup Media.

Priced at Rs,12,000 (with wi-fi access) and Rs.9000 for just the on-demand service, the Lukup player will be available by end of this month in online and retail stores. The product would first be available in Bangalore, followed by other cities.