Sachin Tendulkar and Eugene Kaspersky unveil the 2015 consumer security solutions in Mumbai
Kaspersky unveils new edition of consumer security solutions

Mumbai,  July 29, 2014: Net security specialists, Kaspersky  have launched the 2015 editions of Kaspersky Anti-Virus  and Kaspersky Internet Security, in India.

The  newly  updated product line for home users was unveiled by Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman & CEO - Kaspersky Lab along with Brand Ambassador - Sachin Tendulkar, in Mumbai last week.

These latest versions of Kaspersky Lab’s consumer software incorporate several entirely new technologies  like

Webcam Protection: Webcam hacking, or intercepting images from the webcam, is one way of using malware for online espionage. Kaspersky Lab has developed the Webcam Protection feature. It helps monitor which applications attempt to connect to the webcam, warns the user of access attempts, and, if necessary, blocks webcam access1.

System Watcher: One of the most serious threats comes from so-called cryptomalware, or malware that encrypts files and demands a ransom before restoring access to the information. When System Watcher detects a suspicious program attempting to modify a user file, it instantly creates a local backup copy of that file, free from any external changes. If further observation indicates that the program that changed the file was malicious, then the changes will be rolled back.

Wi-Fi Security Notification: Kaspersky Lab has introduced a Wi-Fi Security Notification module  which verifies the security of Wi-Fi hotspots and alerts the user to any potential threats, such as a vulnerable network connection or the transmission of an unsecured password via the Internet.