Do it by numbers, with Portronics Plugs portable sound system

July 22, 2014: If you are one of those structured persons who  likes to  organise your music  by numbers -- the Plugs Portable Sound System from Portronics will appeal to you.  

A keypad occupies  prime place on the front  face  -- together with a display of song number and  song time.  The keys also made it easy to tune to FM radio and set your regular station choices. 

The rechargeable battery is good for about  3 hours  and a microSD card slot lets you store all the music you like on the  system itself. The size of the portable speaker is 12X6.4X2 cm which makes it a convenient partner to carry around.

Transferring music to the Plug is easy:  Insert the empty micro SD card in the speaker; connect the speaker to the USB cable bundled with the Speaker. Transfer the songs from your computer or delete songs from the computer at your ease. It costs 1299. Details here.