AMD-fuelled HIS R7-240 graphics card available in India from Savera

Kolkata,  June 16: Savera Marketing has brought an affordable, yet powerful graphics card-- the  Hong Kong-based High Tech Information Systems' HIS R7 240 -- with AMD technology to India.  

The card comes with 1GB GDDR5 and 2GB DDR3 RAM which enables the user to play games and run applications faster. Its 320 shader units GPU, 20 TMUs and 8 ROPs are optimised to provide Ultra HD video quality which is four times better than the present HD.With Full HD 1080p support, the card delivers high quality 1920X1080 graphics, enabling seamless full-screen video playback.

Says Subir Mahapatra, Vice President at Savera Marketing: "HIS R -7 240 cards are true value for money cards. The HIS iCooler R7-240 delivers evolved performance and lower power consumption at a budget-friendly price with the latest AMD graphics technology. You can build multi-monitor environments for enhanced viewing and productivity, and is low-profile form factor, and has flexibility and compatibility built-in its design." 

The HIS R-7 240 costs Rs 5500 and is compatible with  Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 OS.

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