Idea's Zac is now on Facebook
Walk the talk with Idea's Zac

He is now on Facebook

‘Zac’ – the creation of  mobile service provider,IDEA Cellular and ‘India’s first’ interactive virtual character, has moved from small screen to the social networks of the Web: He is now available on  and users of the social networking site, Facebook, can add this application to their existing profile, post. They can then start interacting with Zac on his special IDEA number +919011100130, and give him instructions on how to alter his gait to be fitter.

Upon dialing the number, user will be directed to the interesting IVR menu which provides different options such as:

• Press 1 for Zac to take a walk in the park

• Press 2 for night walk

• Press 3 to walk on the treadmill

• Press 4 to walk on the highway

• 5 to know more about Zac.

IDEA has created interesting games and contests based on the new virtual character at the website where visitors can give him the best walk regime for fitness