Huawei launches suite of open WiFi data cards

New Delhi, April 22, 2014: Global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider,  Huawei,  has launched a suite of Wi-Fi "open data" cards designed to suit the needs of Indian consumers for high-speed data consumption across multiple devices. They enable  sharing  internet from the same card  with  the freedom to choose their favorite network operator. The new open Wi-Fi data cards have been classified into three different categories to simplify data card purchase by consumers & help retailers sell easily.

Says Huawei Device India President,  Victor Shanxin:  “Our understanding of the Indian consumer and the ability to serve them with superior innovation, enabling high-speed connectivity has led to our leadership position in the Indian Data Card market. With the rising penetration of internet-enabled devices like Wi-Fi tablets, laptops, smart TV’s, smartphones, connected gaming & music devices, people are increasingly consuming internet for entertainment & productivity at home and while traveling."

Adds Anand Narang, Marketing Director, Huawei India: “With feedback from trade partners and consumers, we have simplified the naming structure to make the purchase& selling process easier at retail points with our new naming classification of data cards - Laptopi-Fi, Power-Fi and Mobi-Fi. Our new campaign ‘Internet pooling is here’ is targeted towards educating youth, young professionals& families about easy and affordable ways to access internet on multiple devices & share it with multiple devices simultaneously.

Turn your laptop into a hotspot with Huawei’s Laptopi-Fi data cards

Huawei has launched two new Wi-Fi data cards under its Laptopi-Fi category.  which allow users to turn their laptop into an internet hotspot for upto 5 devices. These Wi-Fi datacards include E303FH and E3531. These dongles also allow users to make voice calls and SMS. E303FH and E3531 provide a download speed of 14.4Mbps and 21.6 Mbps respectively and an upload speed of 5.76Mbps that enable users to share data at a high-speed.

Its now easy to convert your car, room and small office into a Wi-Fi zone with Huawei’s Power-Fi data cards. Under this category, Huawei has launched two devices E8231 and E8221 which come with in-built Wi-Fi module and require a power source connectivity like a car charging point, power mains or laptops to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. Both the devices can connect up to 10 devices at a time. E8231 allow users to download at a speed of 21.6 Mbps and E8221 enables users to download at a speed of 14.4 Mbps and upload speeds of 5.76 Mbps.

With Huawei’s newly launched Mobi-Fi devices- E5220, E5151 and E5730, users can enjoy the freedom to take the internet wherever they go. With one touch Wi-Fi hotspot creation capability, all the three Wi-Fi routers can connect up to 10 devices instantly. The device offers blazing fast 21.6 Mbps download speeds. E5220, E5151 and E5730 are powered with a 1150mAh, 1500mAh and a 5200mAh battery respectively to provide long working time without connecting to a power source. BothE5151 and E5730 assist users to access internet via 3G/2G network or through Ethernet port seamlessly & effortlessly. Ethernet port also allows users to carry it around and use it as a portable router and when back home or in office, it could get connected with the Ethernet cable to function as a stationary router, offering wireless signal. With a 5200mAh battery, E5730 is a power bank and lets users charge their tablets and smartphones as well.

The new range of data cards will be available at leading multi-brand stores, e-commerce and IT, mobile & consumer electronics channel across India. The Wi-Fi datacards’ MRP prices are:

Mobi-Fi : E5220 – Rs 4299, E5151 – Rs. 4999

Power-Fi : E8221 – Rs. 2499 and E8231 - Rs. 2999

Laptopi-Fi : E303FH- Rs. 1899 and E3531 – Rs. 1999

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