A starter kit for Machine to Machine? Kore Wireless will debut its solution at CommunicAsia this year
Internet of Things looms large on CommunicAsia canvas this year

Singapore, March 25 2014: The Internet is expanding beyond PCs and mobile devices into enterprise assets such as field equipment and consumer items. The Internet of Things will be on display in its many 'avatars' at the upcoming   CommunicAsia2014 and EnterpriseIT2014 events in Singapore this year.

The IoT installed base is forecasted to grow to 26 billion units by 2020. Worldwide IT spending will grow by 3.1 per cent to US$3.8 trillion this year, driven by businesses starting to harness 'big data' garnered from smartphones and other devices.

The KORE network  from KORE Wireless, the  world’s largest dedicated provider of Machine to Machine (M2M) wireless data networks, is solely designed to empower devices for The Internet of Things. KORE’s M2M Starter Kit features an M2M management portal. Subscribers can monitor their SIM usage with proactive data alerts and threshold capabilities, activate/deactivate and manage user features instantly across multiple devices, and more. Says KORE Wireless'  Asia Pacific VP & General Manager, Shane Murphy: “KORE has been a driver of the wireless M2M revolution since 2003; in that time we’ve seen several flares of interest in The Internet of Things but now feels like the real start of the IoT revolution! Devices, platforms and solutions are more readily available than ever before and the eco-system is growing rapidly.  At CommunicAsia this year, we have some really exciting products and services that will help our partners connect their M2M devices anywhere."

The event, while showcasing  global technologies and innovations, has also been a useful guide to some home-grown solutions crafted by Singapore companies.

This year, Advinno Technologies, a  Singapore-based system solutions company that designs and develops IoT products using emerging technologies such as Bluetooth Smart, ZigBee Green Power and Wi-Fi Direct for track and trace, home automation, healthcare applications will be  unveiling  iSmartTags, an innovative credit card sized Bluetooth Smart device, which  can connect with an OS or Android device automatically to instantly alert a user when valuables are separated by a predetermined distance (< 30m).

Anewtech Systems, a regular exhibitor and  developer of proprietary digital signage software bundled with Intel based digital signage player will be exhibiting the Windows-based Digital Signage Solution , a user-friendly software that supports drag-and-drop user interfaces and versatile file formats. Information can be synchronously distributed from a central control system or via USB storage device.

In its CommunicAsia debut, BIMAR, a  Singaporean start-up company,  working with  a  Swiss partner will show location-based business intelligence for site owners and Smart Cities -- LBASense.

CommunicaAsia and  EnterpriseIT will be held concurrently in Singapore between June 17 and 20, 2014. IndiaTechOnline is an online media partner of the events and  as always, will bring you  special reports  from our  correspondents  on the spot.