Crowdsourcing, Facebook helping make a documentary about Jane Austen

London March 9: We know International Womens Day was yesterday -- but we make no apologies for bringing you this story about the efforts -- using today's tools,  crowd sourcing and social media --  to  find  funds to make a full length documentary about the first great unacknowledged  feminist -- Jane Austen. 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most novelists write from their own experience. Where does all the repressed passion and the delightful wit come from? Jane Austen  is often portrayed as a reclusive spinster and maiden aunt and never married. Was she romantically attached?

First published in 1813 Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice is probably the most widely read English novel in the world. It is certainly the best loved.As Jane Austen’s popularity continues to grow with no sign of abating, this film acknowledges her struggle to express herself in a novel which is all about the right to self expression.

The documentary film, Overcoming Pride and Prejudice, being progressed by Fuschia Films in the UK, explores Jane Austen’s impact as a woman writer and asks why Pride & Prejudice has captivated readers the world over with a story that captures the imagination and so deeply touches the heart two hundred years after the novel was written. It features:

  • interviews in this anniversary year with the actors who have played the key characters on stage and screen

  • Production photos, stills and excerpts from the recent film and BBC series

  • Dramatised excerpts from the novel, specially filmed for this production, with a high profile cast

  • Interviews with directors and writers who have adapted the novel across the media, composers who have written music for the film and BBC series.

The initial efforts in November last at the time of the  Pride and Prejudice bicentenary did not quite reach the targeted amount -- but  fans of director Sue Pomeroy rallied around and the film  got off ground.  Last month , Sueflew to Berlin for the famous Berlinale, the annual film festival, to engage with organisations including the British Film Commission and British Distributors on the UK Film stand, as well as other potential distribution partners, sales agents, producers and film agencies. She met with many international film and media professionals....and hopefully we can see the film later this year.

Link to the film's Facebook page

Do see (for a few daysonly) the  project's kickstarter video on our home page, in our Tech Video spot.