Borland Silk tools smoothen the task of cross browser testing

Bangalore, March 8 2014: With the plethora of platforms -- tethered or mobile, desktop or portable --  that users now have access to,  application developers are challenged to try and  provide a uniform and seamless experience across multiple device screen.

Cross browser and cross platform testing is the name of the game -- and increasingly app makers turn to Borland's  Silk  portfolio to  harnesses the power of the Cloud in their quest to   test  their  web applications across a variety of desktop and mobile web environments. With a single script, it eliminates the pain of browser setup or configuration, explained Naveen Gurusiddaiah,  Head, Presales  at MicroFocus India, the parent company of Borland,  during a recent briefing for IndiaTechOnline.

The new release also introduces Silk Central Connect which enables you to see how your web application looks on different platforms with a single click and provides side-by-side comparison of test results, he pointed out. It provides a virtual execution and configuration environment that can reduce testing time and effort by up to 80 percent. Borland provides Amazon images with various versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, which can be integrated into Silk Central Connect to quickly test across all browser types with the click of a button... no programming needed! Watch a video Silk Performer CloudBurst ensures applications are 'battle ready' and can withstand massive global . More on Cloudburst here