New Jabra contact centre headsets, cut out noise, better

New Delhi,  March 6, 2014: Communications and audio solutions leader, Jabra, has launched a new headset to meet the needs of evolving contact centres -- the Jabra BIZ  2300  which features:

- Speakers that are optimised to reduce the level of ambient noise

- Microphone that  claims to providebest-in-industry noise cancellation

- Mass deployment which means that Jabra BIZ™ 2300 can adapt to any IT setup, is easy to roll out and kept updated. This makes switching and installation easier.

- Unbreakable 360 swivelling boom arm which ensures that agents are always able to customise the positioning of the microphone without risk of breaking

The set claims  it has 50 per cent better noise cancellation and  is 20 per cent lighter than comparable headsets.

Contact centres play an increasingly important role as the customer’s first point of contact, and the role of contact centre agents is being redefined as brand ambassadors. For that reason it is paramount that each call is dealt with as professionally as possible with crystal clear sound, no background noise and quick handling of customers’ needs through the customers preferred channels of communication (i.e. email, chat or phone).

Says Thomas Petersen, Managing Director, Jabra India: "Jabra has been a front runner when it comes to extensive range of headsets for contact centers. It is this very leadership and expertise that has been leveraged to come up with the new offering that's sure to outsmart the competition. With BIZ 2300, we set ourselves the challenge of developing the audio device with best-in-class sound performance and exceptional comfort."

The Jabra Biz  2300 is available at Rs 9565 onwards (depending on the model variant)

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