From Bangalore startup Nascor, a cool email management tool for the world

Bangalore, India, February 27, 2014: IT products start-up Nascor Technologies, has created a cool email management tool -- tZirr -- which helps users to manage their inbox effectively, including attachments, prioritizing mails, sending effective responses and in the process facilitating better email etiquette.

This productive utility is aimed at Microsoft Outlook users on Windows OS and drastically reduces the time spent on identifying actionable mails, dig attachments, store and tag notes, thus enhancing productivity.

Say Nascor Technologies co-founders, Narasimhan Iyengar and Mr. Lakshminarasimha Bharadwaj: “Email is a revolutionary tool meant to make communication easy. But at times its overwhelming expansion and dependence becomes a burden beyond belief, particularly for working individuals. This email management tool has been designed taking into consideration practical challenges faced by email users. We all know that one cannot live without emails and we have made it easy with tZirr.”

A poll conducted by McKinsey Global Institute revealed that 28% of the time spent by employees is wasted sorting, receiving, sending emails. A Harvard Business Review blog thread titled 'Email Is Not Free', estimated that “each individual email ate up 95 cents of labour costs”.

The key productive features of tZirr are:

Categorize Mails - A feature prioritizing emails in your Inbox by automatically color coding based on whether you are marked in 'TO' or 'CC' field. By coloring each category type, one does not have to spend time opening each email, decide on mail priority and organize them.

Pen Thoughts - Tag personal sticky notes to an email, thus aid drafting careful responses, pen a check list, add comments, etc. With 'Thoughts Explorer', one can get a listing of all the Thoughts tagged to mails.

Attachment Explorer - Easily access email attachments buried deep inside mails. From the Explorer view, navigate to mails, list, filter, group based on the attachment type, name, sender, subject, date, etc.

Bundle Mails - Selectively pack a set of mails to a single PST file; makes it very handy to be sent to anyone, personally store / archive, bundle, file offline in the way you want and even reduce Inbox size.

Reply All Alert - With this configurable feature, every time you press 'Reply All', a prompt makes you stop & think whether you really want to 'Reply to All'. Drastically reduce mail traffic & better etiquette.

Language support

Adds Iyengar: "This tool, which is bundled with amazing features such as Attachment Explorer, Tag Notes and Reply All Alert,helps save time as well as business money.”

tZirr supports all the languages supported by MS Outlook supports. Going forward, Nascor plans to make tZirr available on Mac OS and other mail clients such as Zimbra, Thunderbird and for smartphones/devices (Apple & Samsung) and other web mail clients (like Gmail & Yahoo!).

For a few days, see a video about tZirr in our Tech Video spot on the home page

Nascor Technologies is an IT Products start-up, headquartered in Bangalore. The company has been founded by three engineers with multi-domain, multi-functional expertise with experience spanning over 60+ man-years.