Free public WiFi coming to Bangalore -- at last!

22nd January 2014
Free  public WiFi coming to Bangalore -- at last!

Bangalore, January 22 2014: The Karnataka government's Department of IT, BT and S & T, is launching free WiFi hotspots in Bangalore city. These are expected to be in the central Business district.

Jan 25 update:
The free WiFi Namma Wifi (802.11N)has been launched in the commercial hotspots of Mahatma Gandhi Road, Brigade Road, Shanthi Nagar bus station, Yeshwantpur bus station, Koramangala bus station and on CMH Road Indiranagar in Bangalore city. With a speed of up to 512 Kbps, the user will have seamless connectivity within the coverage area. Usage will be limited to 3 hours per day or usage of up to 50 MB data.
The total number of access points are 23 in the coverage area which will accommodate 2000 users at the same time. To use this service, the user will need to have an authentication password which will be sent to the user’s mobile phone number after he registers on the network.