Digilite launches range of USB power banks for portable devices

Mumbai, November 7,  2013: Digilite ( a brand of Smartlink Network Systems) has launched   a family of high capacity power banks. in India, convenient for rechzrging  your USB-powered mobile devices such as the cell phones, tablets, iPhone and iPod while on the move.

The two new power banks models launched are DP-Y-5200 and DP-X-5200 with a 5200mAh battery.The third model is DP-X-6600, with 6600 mAh battery and has dual USB charging interfaces that allows two devices to be charged simultaneously

Says Rajan Sharma, VP Sales, Digilite:  “As the sales of smart phones and tablet PCs is rapidly increasing, so is the need of power banks for charging these devices specially when we are on the go . Our new power banks will be the right choice for this need. We have ensured highest quality & specifications in our powerbank products.”

The Powerbanks areavailable through INGRAM MICRO, REDINGTON, SUPERTRON. DP-Y-5200, DP-X-5200 and DP-X-6600 are available in the market at Rs.2400, Rs.1900 and Rs.2900 respectively.