Samsung Smart TV to be powered by Yahoo! live news

October 29 2013: Yahoo! has joined hands with Samsung to deliver live  feeds on smart TVs .  The NewsOn” panel is a new feature on Samsung Smart TVs, which will deliver the latest Yahoo news articles, videos and weather coverage to its users with the click of a remote.

You can go through an array of snapshots of the day’s headlines and get instant information about current happenings in your city and nationwide, combined with weather news and forecasts snapped from Flickr. Read the summary, the whole article or stream a news video, choose as you please from plethora of navigating options. This is the first offering of a new multi-year partnership between the two tech giants, with more Yahoo content and services in foray for the Samsung Smart TV’s worldwide. The “NewsOn” panel would be available in select countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East for now.      

 Says, Ronald Jacoby, Vice President, Connected TV at Yahoo: For most of us, TV is part of our everyday lives. Whether you turn it on first thing in the morning when you wake up or prefer to watch it after a long day, it’s one of our most familiar habits. That’s why we’re excited to share that Yahoo is partnering with Samsung to bring our latest news and weather information to your TV screen.Now, when you need instant information about current events, you can click over to “NewsON” for a snapshot of the latest headlines. Once a story gets your interest, click through to see the summary, full article, or streaming news video. Or check the weather with weekly forecasts combined with location and weather based photos from Flickr.

 The “NewsON” main screen is a collage of photos and headlines from Yahoo news stories with a snapshot of current weather conditions for local cities. Now, instead of watching 30 minutes of a news program to get up-to-speed on current events, users can switch over to “NewsON” for the latest headlines. It’s easy to click through to each story for a summary, the full article, or a streaming news video. Selecting weather shows current conditions and weekly forecasts for all the local cities, with photos from Flickr. content straight to Samsung Smart TVs in [county/region]. With a click of a remote, users have immediate access – even in low bandwidth environments – to the day’s most popular reports, ensuring Samsung TV