New degaussing products from V S Security

05th October 2013
New degaussing products from V S Security

October 5 2013: Leading  UK -based developer and manufacturer of degaussers and bulk media erasers,  VS Security Products, has two additions to its Pulse Degausser range in India - DataGauss and the DATAGONE. Both these units use state of the art Pulse Technology designed by VSSP to securely erase Hard Drives and Backup Tapes.

VSSP’s Partners, Ansata Computer Systems, has been a leading distributor of degaussers in India for over a decade. VS Security Products was previously known as Verity Systems.

A degausser erases data by applying a strong magnetic field which destroys all information recorded on the media. Processor controlled Pulse degaussers take a few seconds to store up a charge, which is then released in a sudden burst or pulse. /this results in the generation of a powerful magnetic field inside the machine. It lasts just 100 milliseconds but is powerful enough to ensure that hard disc drives are completely erased.

Both DataGauss and DATAGONE work on Pulse Degausser technology. It works much faster and can erase 75-225 hard disks in a minute. Moreover, the magnetic field is contained within the device and there is no risk of losing data from other equipments placed close to it.

DataGauss is a semi automatic continuous operation unit which can erase a Hard Drive in 45 seconds. It is the most compact unit and is simple to operate.  A hard drive or tape only needs to be passed through one cycle for complete erasure.

DATAGONE takes just 8 seconds to erase a hard drive and will handle up to 275 passes in the first hour of operation.  It has a fully automatic operation and, despite being larger than the DataGauss, it is suitable for a table-top situation.

Says Leslie Lean, Director of Ansata Computer Systems: "Organizations are gradually moving to cloud and the data left behind on hard disks are not erased in the right way. When storage systems are upgraded, kept away, re-used or sold, companies believe they have deleted the data on these disks. Often, confidential information remains on those disks, and this information cannot be erased by pressing 'delete.' Degaussers use magnetic fields to erase the data completely. This is critical in sectors that deal with confidential data like banking, defense, IT/IT Services, manufacturing and healthcare. The government has been implementing information security compliance standards so that sensitive data is erased prior to disposal."

Adds VS Security Produce Sales Director David Tucker:  “Customers are demanding faster, more effective and safer ways to dispose of hard drives  The DataGauss and the DATAGONE offer the fastest and most complete erasure of all hard drives degaussers available.”

The vulnerability of information stored on PC and server hard drives is a recognized security risk. Unlike other PC data storage media such as discs or tapes, the hard drive always stays with the PC. Every time a PC or laptop leaves a company's control all the data and company information goes with it. Using a DataGauss or DATAGONE assures that your data is no longer readable and your PC can leave your possession without revealing your information.



Tech note:

1. What is a Degausser?

A degausser is a piece of equipment which uses an electro-magnet to erase or wipe date from magnetic media such as audio & video tape, computer storage tapes and even computer hard drives. Often referred to as a tape eraser and hard drive erasers.

2. What is Degaussing?

Degaussing takes its meaning from Johann Gauss (1777-1855) a mathematician who studied and worked on electro-magnetic fields. It is used today to describe the process of erasing magnetic media i.e., removing from that media, remnants of previously recorded signals. Data is stored in magnetic media, such as hard drives, floppy disks, and magnetic tape, by making very small areas called magnetic domains change their magnetic alignment to be in the direction of an applied magnetic field. Degaussing magnetic media leaves the domains in random patterns with no preference to orientation, thereby rendering previous data unrecoverable. A degausser is therefore used to completely erase all audio, video and data signals from magnetic storage media.

3. How do Degaussers Work?

The process of degaussing is achieved by passing the magnetic media through a powerful magnet field to rearrange the polarity of the particles, thus completely removing any resemblance of the previously recorded signal. Although this process of course is simple in theory, in practice, the vast variation of media formats and magnetic densities makes the correct degaussing process quite difficult to achieve ( from V S Security  resources)