New STM 32 bit microcontrollers are ideal for smart watch, smart phone

Bangalore, September 19, 2013:  Global semiconductor  leader STMicroelectronics has brought its new family of 32 bit  microcontrollers to India -- offering significant advantages to OEMs of smart phones, tablets and other portable devices.

At the entry level is the STM32F401  tailored for low power- low cost applications. At the other end of the 32F scale is  the STM32F429/439 which  is optimized for high performance  and comes with 2MB of onboard memory. All three  microcontrollers  are based on the ARM Cortex 180 MHz  M4 core.

 Franck Martins, STM's Singapore-based Tech Marketing Manager for Greater China and South Asia explained at the media briefing in Bangalore that  the new 32 bit controllers were ideal for  mobile phone sensor control and typical applications would be in smart watches, smart phones and tablets, facilitating touch controls.
OEMs and developers could now provide functionality similar to that  addressed by the iPhone 5S  M7 co processor.

Vinay Thapliyal, STM's Technical Marketing Manager India added that many of the reference designs for the STMF32 family like home thermostats, door cameras, WiFi modules for other "Internet of Things' apps  were  put together by STM's India developer teams in Noida and Bangalore.

 The development ecosystem includes a full offer from ST, including new STM32 Discovery Kits and full-featured STM32F4x9 evaluation boards as well as software solutions like STM32-JAVA Java and theSTemWin free graphical stack