AT&T launches an all-in-one mobile security solution

New York, September 18, 2013  Managed security solutions leader AT&T has unveiled the industry's first  all-in-one mobile security solution  and announced a four pronged  approach to  enable a  secure  business  environment.

The company which manages manages 24,000 security devices and one million seats for cloud-based security services, made these announcements at the 15th Annual AT&T Cyber Security Conference in New York City last week.

In his opening keynote, Andy Daudelin, VP Security Services, AT&T Business  suggested  four pillars enabling secure end-to-end protection :

- Network enabled defence  :Utilizing the network for robust visibility and control

- Secure mobile business : End to end security for mobile devices, network, and apps

- Cloud based solutions :Scalable, flexible security services built in the Cloud

- Threat management :Comprehensive threat detection, response, and mitigation

  Daudelin said: “From the security controls built right into the backbone of our network to our proprietary threat intelligence, we work to make security an enabler, not a limitation of business transformation. Customers are looking for comprehensive solutions that can be integrated across business environments, and provide improved visibility into the state of their own networks and impending threats." 

New and upcoming AT&T  offerings   include cyber security solution that combines network and device-level security controls with highly-secure virtual private networking, application security and a full suite of mobile device management capabilities. The solution, expected later this year, provides businesses with comprehensive security for their mobile ecosystems, even if they’re not AT&T wireless customers and represents the industry’s first all-in-one mobile security solution.

AT&T has also  added Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) security assessments to its portfolio of consulting services to help organizations evaluate their ability to detect, resist, and respond to targeted cyber security threats.

In a telephonic briefing for IndiaTechOnline shortly before his New York keynote, Daudelin stressed the need for a holistic approach to threat management. A combination of cloud and mobility was  the new paradigm he added. 

AT&T's new security solutions begin with the device itself:  with so many enterprises  especially in India, embracing BYOD or Bring Your Own Device as a mantra, AT&T solutions  scan every employee's personal device to detect and neutralize any malicious apps. This is particularly important with so called ' jail broken' devices, where the manufacturer's software has been changed.

AT&T utilizes patented analytic capabilities to process 265 billion flow records and 6.5 trillion packets each day. The company also maintains a malicious entity database with more than 1.2 million threat signatures and tracks hundreds of millions of security events daily.