TLabs announces startups selected for nurturing

September 9 2013: TLabs,  the startup accelerator and early stage seedfund for internet and mobile technology startups,  has announced the names of its fourth batch of  startups for  Fall 2013.. 9  startups ranging from retail to healthcare to media with founders coming from all corners of the country.

For the first time ever, an accelerator in India has admitted ventures – two in this case, “News in Shorts” and BetaGlide – that are made up of founders currently enrolled in full-time programs at IITs in Kharagpur and DelhiWith this batch, the two year old accelerator - an initiative of Times Internet , takes its portfolio count to 23.

Says Abhishek Gupta, Head TLabs: “The number and quality of startups is growing, we received a lot of good applications from students and young professionals, the young technical talent today prefers to startup rather than taking up a job or moving abroad. We are helping them on their journey of building a company.”

Adds Som Mittal – President, NASSCOM:  "We are delighted that some of these companies have been chosen from the 10,000 Startups application process. We would continue to support these companies by collaborating with TLabs to create more opportunities to ensure their success.”  

Fall 2013 batch of TLabs:

JiffStore is a mobile commerce platform that helps supermarkets to sell grocery online. This allows end customers to shop conveniently using their mobile phones while enabling store owners to increase customer loyalty and sales.  

Vozeal is a self-serve platform that helps video advertisers expand their reach through a network of publishers. While brands get more views on their video, the publisher can monetise content through an additional channel.

News in Shorts(NIS) is India’s first mobile service which delivers latest news summarized within 60 words. NIS hand-picks the most popular stories from various sources and provides snippets on mobile and web, enabling users to get updated about the latest events within seconds.

Labforth is a highly cost effective and easy to use laboratory information management and marketing platform. It provides diagnostic centres a flexible and secure cloud based system, for end to end lab and personnel management.

BetaGlide is a mobile app testing platform that allows developers to gather information in real-time about the system usage and the behavior of their app to improve its stability and performance.

Yippster is a patent pending technology that provides digital content providers an additional payment method through telecom operator billing. The user experience is seamless, integration is easy and transactions are highly secure.

Sponsored Giveaways is the world's first marketing platform that connects advertisers with bloggers to promote their products or services through non-cash giveaways on blogs.

GetMeAShop enables offline businesses create an online storefront while providing them with an easy to manage suite of marketing tools, a basic ERP and a CRM straight out of the box.

VindowShop is an image recognition platform through which a user can search and buy apparel by simply clicking on pictures shared online.