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Now, solid state hybrid drives set to take on high end of hard drive market

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, August 5, 2013: The world leader in storage solution--Seagate Technology -- is proving that solid state drives can do anything  that hard disks can -- they have just announced the world's fastest   drive- the Seagate Enterprise Turbo SSHD... the industry's first enterprise solid state hybrid drive (SSHD).

In effect we can expect tomorrow's storage to  combine the capacity of a hard drive with  the high-speed performanceof  solid-state flash-- even in mission critical applications.

The Enterprise Turbo SSHD claims up to a 3X increase in random performance over existing 15K-RPM drives and is available with up to 600GB of capacity. By unifying the best of solid-state and magnetic technologies, Turbo improves tiered storage performance combining accelerated speed with hard disk drive (HDD) high-capacity.

Over the past year, Seagate and IBM have been putting an enterprise SSHD prototype through its paces. After months of testing in Seagate and IBM labs, the first enterprise SSHD has been introduced as an option for the IBM Series x servers. For more information, click here

The Enterprise Turbo SSHD enables lower cost server and storage configurations,  says Seagate, making it appealing for OEMs and system builders who demand the highest, scalable performance at an affordable cost.