Samsung debuts new floor standing aircon units based on jet engine tech.

New Delhi, July 24, 2013: This is not exactly IT, but we thought this product news would be interesting for enterprises who are challenged to air cool offices  housing IT equipment and users, without knocking large holes in  walls: Korea headquartered Samsung Electronics, has brought the world’s first air conditioner that claims to use uses jet engine technology and three spiral airflows to cool the air faster than any conventional air conditioners. Moreover it is a floor standing air conditioner you can position where ever you want.

Of the two models in the Q9000 series, one offers only Cooling, while the other offers the advantage of composite Heating and Cooling (Climate Control), thereby eliminating the need of buying separate AC and Heater products. The Q9000’s debuts a hidden display panel that pops up when the air conditioner is turned on. When the air conditioner is switched off, the fan vents are sealed completely preventing dust from entering the unit.

The Q9000’s has made use of jet engine aerodynamics design to create three powerful whirlwind-like airflows that can throw air up to 10 meters, cooling or warming a large area quickly and efficiently. The three fans with seven cooling settings can be operated independently or together to ensure optimum cooling for every situation.

By running only at the speed needed, the Q9000 saves up to 50 percent of electricity compared conventional air-conditioners. The Q9000 also offers individual Air Outlet Control Buttons and Tropicalized Cooling so as to enable the user to individually use the three fans as per their requirement.

The Q9000 is available in 2.3T capacity and is available at Rs 162,000/- for the Cooling model and at Rs 174,000/- for the Cooling and Heating model 

We feature for a few days only,  the NDTV  review of the product on our home page