A subwoofer you can sit on!

New Delhi July 19 2013: Nine thousand rupees will now buy you a 4D Gaming Stool -- a passive subwoofer one can sit on. A big 12" high excursion driver acts as a tactile transducer housed in a solid BANDPASS enclosure making it very efficient for bass reproduction. 

This design promises very tight and powerful bass. It can be connected to a TV converting it into a home theatre along with providing tactile feedback from the low frequency sounds produced by a race car’s engine, a bullet fired, explosions, closing of doors, knocking, heart beating, etc.It makes playing video games more realistic and enjoyable. 

The 4D Gaming Stool has the option to connect a satellite speaker to it and can be converted into a 1.1 channel audio system. This also helps when the sound output of the TV is not sufficient.The design of the 4D Gaming Stool acts as a low-pass filter which acoustically limits the high- frequency response of the subwoofer system. This design gives more efficiency and deep bass extension that would not be possible in conventional designs of equal size. It can be connected to most video games, audio or video devices as a subwoofer through an external amplifier. The 4D Gaming Stool can be purchased online at www.gamesgarage.in , www.gadgets.in  and www.shopclues.com . More details here