AVG offers free online link scanner

Added Protection  layer on top of existing  antivirus software, works  against random threats lurking  behind web address

 Global security solutions provider AVG has announced a free new tool that  scans  the web pages one browses for random, invisible threats. It’s called AVG Link Scanner  and it works standalone, atop any other antivirus tool one might have deployed.

 At any given time some 2 million web pages are potential hazards, hiding threats that   may not be detected by regular anti virus software, AVG says .

 This is how LinkScanner  works: It

1.     Scans the pages behind all the links you click or type into your browser.

2.     Scans the results of web searches in Google, Yahoo! and MSN so you know whether a page is safe before clicking on it.

3.     Uses the intelligence gathered by a global community of online threat detectors.

4.     Analyzes individual pages rather than entire sites because single pages may be threatened.



It runs silently in the background, alongside any existing antivirus product you might have installed —you won’t notice it until a threat is detected and it  kicks in, realtime, ie it doesn’t require   regular scans of your computer. It  automatically updates whenever a new threat is found. It works with most popular Windows OS including Win2k, XP, Vista (32 &64 bit) and Internet Explorer (6.0+) and Firefox (2.0+) browsers.

( June 29 2009)