Moxtra helps you get organized -- online

June 3 2013: Collaborating with multiple people can be a task when you can't all be at the same place at the same time. Now a solution is at hand – from Moxtra. Using Moxtra's enhanced mobile visual experience, you can place a multitude of file types inside visual binders to share selectively Accessible from any iPhone, iPad or computer, Moxtra is your solution to always being in touch. Moxtra's features include:

• Moxtra Note: draw attention to specific page and sections within a visual binder page by using your voice or visual annotations.

• Moxtra Meet: video conferencing in the palm of your hand, easily present your visual binder page-by-page, live.

• Social Sharing: be in the know with the social feed which updates every time an action takes place within a binder.

• Remote Access: Your computers desktop is at your fingertips even when your computer is not. Once Moxtra is installed to your desktop your iPhone or iPad can access your desktop from anywhere

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