Indian web portal,, redone in tile style

Mumbai, April 30, 2013: India’s pioneer Web portal has gone for a complete makeover, emerging in a new tiled home page look a la Windows 8. The Rediff homepage uses the contemporary grid layout that is visually rich. Each unit of the grid features the latest information photographs and videos, giving it a more interactive and image-friendly appearance. Featuring 30 headlines, the new homepage offers a wide assortment of relevant news items from across sections like News and Politics, Business, Movies, Get Ahead, Cricket and Sports. Additionally, Rediff's e-commerce platform, a fast-growing segment for Rediff, also gets a boost with a large footprint on the homepage to capitalize on the growing usage of e-commerce platforms throughout India.

This new design is based on user feedback and provides a seamless experience on personal computers and laptops as well as touchscreen handheld devices like tablets and smartphones.

Says Ajit Balakrishnan, Chairman and CEO, "The Indian internet user base is quickly moving to consuming our services on various types of mobile devices, whether at home or on the go. As a result, this transition required us to take a fresh and innovative view of how our users are likely to interact with our portal. Our new tiled interface is a step towards making it easy for a rapidly growing segment of users who access our website from tablet like touch screen devices. We have also redesigned the site in terms of providing users with the content and imagery they desire on our home page, while adding more e-commerce options, which have been in higher demand from this growing population. We believe, the steps we've taken will enhance the overall user experience and over time, contribute to a growing Rediff user base and more widespread adoption of the Rediff brand."

Experience the new website here